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Finance chiefs say bitcoin is ‘real’ but many think it’s in a bubble right now – CNBC

CNBC Finance chiefs say bitcoin is 'real' but many think it's in a bubble right nowCNBCBitcoin is a "real" asset but it's currently in a bubble, according to a CNBC survey of global finance bosses, with many calling it a "fraud." Ninety-seven chief financial officers (CFOs) on CNBC's Global CFO Council were asked their view […]


Bitcoin Surges Fast Forward On Many Fronts Heading Into 2016 – CryptoCoinsNews

CryptoCoinsNews Bitcoin Surges Fast Forward On Many Fronts Heading Into 2016CryptoCoinsNewsBitcoin's growth since its 2009 launch has not formed a solid, straight line. But the upward movement continues, and those who question its continuance will have a hard time justifying their doubts in the face of a graphic overview prepared by Coupofy … bitcoin – […]


Can one set how many confirmations MultiBit requires for a transaction to be accepted?

Is there any way for users to specify the number of confirmations for a transaction? If not, how many confirmations does Multibit require to complete a transaction? And does the required default number of confirmations vary by size of the (…) Bitcoin News Feeds Today


Mega Porn Site xHamster and Many Other Top 100 Websites Accept Bitcoin

Mega porn site xHamster has not only accepted Bitcoin as a prime way to receive online payments, but is very happy with the results and is looking to expand services with the leading digital currency. Over the last six months, xHamster and many others have joined Bitcoin as a new way to pay online going […]


Bitcoin Retailer Solution: Study Finds Why Many Online Shoppers Abandon Purchases

A study performed by Skrill last Wednesday revealed that online shoppers will abandon a purchase for a multitude of reasons, most of which Bitcoin payments solve. The study showed one in every four consumers will quit their purchase altogether if the retailer doesn’t offer their preferred method of payment. Of 2000 people surveyed, 38 percent […]