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Breaking Bitcoin With a Quantum Computer – Fortune

Fortune Breaking Bitcoin With a Quantum ComputerFortuneAlex Beath, a Toronto-based physicist and pension fund analyst, is skeptical about Bitcoin but sees one useful purpose for the crypto-currency: It may detect when someone creates a working quantum computer. “The second someone creates a viable quantum … bitcoin – Google News


What Are People Building With 21 Inc’s Bitcoin Computer? – CoinDesk

CoinDesk What Are People Building With 21 Inc's Bitcoin Computer?CoinDeskWith $ 116m raised from investors, it's safe to say that 21 Inc had high exceptions for its first product, the 21 Bitcoin Computer, which it released in September 2015 to wildly varying reviews. Some developers were dismayed that a Linux-based device …and more » bitcoin – […]


21 Inc. Unveils a New $400 Bitcoin Computer

Bitcoin startup 21 Inc. is releasing its first ever consumer product – a tiny, Linux-operated computer that is both a bitcoin miner and allows users to buy, sell and rent products for Bitcoin. 21 Inc. has developed a diminutive $ 400 computer that is equipped with a WiFi adapter, a 128 GB SD card that […]